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Does your shower display any of the symptoms below? If so, call or email us so we can assess your leaking shower & get it fixed, so to prevent any more serious issues occurring.

  • Cracked joints around walls and floor
  • Carpet that smells wet or musty
  • Mouldy grout that won’t come clean
  • Grout that is cracked or missing
  • Door frames or skirting boards that have swollen
  • Silicone that’s become mouldy around the shower
  • Peeling or blistering paint on your shower walls
  • Discolouration on the bottom row of your shower walls
  • Calcification on the bathroom floor around the shower

When we come to assess your shower, we use advanced methods of leak detection.  A non-invasive moisture meter is used to check your joints, shower base and plumbing (taps & shower outlet).

Even before using the moisture meter, our experts can usually tell if a shower is leaking just from a visual look – old, mouldy silicone, cracked or missing grout, drummy tiles, etc.

In most cases you only need to leave your shower to dry for 24 hrs prior to us servicing your leaking shower – Due to Canberra’s harsh winters we would probably recommend 48 hrs drying time – we’ll let you know the exact time for your particular service. Also, we kindly ask that prior to the service, that the shower is thoroughly cleaned – this enables our product to maximise it’s efficiency on the tiled surface.


In most cases your shower can be used  24 hours after the service – we’ll advise, depending on which service you have.

If you have your shower floor re-grouted with our Epoxy grout this can usually take 48 hrs for the floor grout to fully cure.

Yes. A small amount of dust & noise is created during the process – prior to the procedure we ask that you remove all of your bathroom items to make the clean-up process easier.

When we have finished you will not notice any excessive dust as our technicians use a vacuum to collect dust and particles during the job, plus they thoroughly clean up after the service.

However, it is important to know that a small amount of dust may settle over the following day which you can easily remove with a clean, dry cloth.

Drop sheets are always used over the vanity & outside of the bathroom.

During the grout removal process, the noise can be continuous for about 20 minutes

Our overheads are considerably less than some of the other companies out there – we don’t employ business managers, sales people, office staff or run expensive TV adverts.

When you deal with us you’ll be dealing with trades people (tilers/ shower sealing technicians) that will advise you with your shower/tiling requirements – We don’t up sell or use sales people.

We are not a franchise either – we only use qualified, experienced, trades people from our small team of tilers/ shower sealing technicians.

Absolutely. We will always endeavour to have a technician to come to your home, at a time convenient for you.

Appointments start from 7.30am – Monday to Friday. We can also arrange quotations and even complete some jobs out of normal business hours on request.

Yes it will. When we come and assess your shower we’ll make you aware of any plumbing issues with our leak detection service – If it’s a constantly dripping tap, we would recommend a tap service by a plumber before we proceed with your scheduled service.

Certainly – our experienced tilers welcome smaller jobs as well as the larger projects.

Just give us a call or email & we’ll come and quote at your convenience.

Yes we do. When we assess a customers shower we will advise if the walls or floor (or both in some cases) need to be re-grouted. We won’t carry out unnecessary work where it’s not required. Most of the grout that we assess is usually solid & sound but maybe discoloured over time – most people opt for a re-grout for aesthetic reasons. We also do a ‘freshen up’ service to your shower which usually involves re-grouting walls, floors & new silicone work. Just give us a call or email & we’ll come and assess your shower.

A standard shower service usually takes between 2 – 5 hours. An extended service with re-grouted walls or floor can vary widely, depending on the project.

We always try to remove the shower screen (most shower screens can be removed). We also remove as much of the mouldy, old silicone from the screens and the walls as we can. This preparation takes some time, but is key to fixing leaking showers and making them look pristine when we’ve completed your service.

Absolutely. Our technicians are extremely adept at any silicone applications that will leave your bathroom looking fresh with our professional silicone work.  We use high quality trade silicones that contain anti fungal agents that will leave your newly siliconed areas looking pristine for many years to come.We can also silicone the wall/floor joint around your bathroom perimeter & kitchen splash backs.

Yes we do. For areas outside of our regular working region (ACT and Queanbeyan), we can generally provide a quote based on photographs you send and information you can provide. We don’t charge extra for travelling to do your service.

As well as the ACT – we also service Queanbeyan, Bungendore, Yass, Cooma and surrounding rural areas.

Yes it does leave a small amount of grout residue/dust when the grout has dried. Our technicians remove as much grout residue as possible during the re-grouting process.

A minimal amount of residue will be present when we have completed your shower service – an old dry tea towel or cloth will remove the excess dust very easily, approximately 24 hours after our service.

Tile & Grout Resealing works with real estate agents in the Canberra region providing reliable service with quality workmanship.

Our overheads are considerably less than some of the other companies out there – we don’t employ business managers, sales people, office staff or run expensive TV adverts.

Give us a call or email to discuss how we can address your clients’ shower resealing and other tiling needs.

You can also find us on Maintenance Manager.

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